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The Good Trade is a Los Angeles based media brand and the premier digital destination for sustainable fashion and lifestyle content. We are your trusted resource for vetted shopping recommendations and tips on sustainability, slow living, and self-love. 💛

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From Our Readers

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    “I absolutely love the gentle kindness and practical insight that The Good Trade offers. 🌿 The website is my first go-to when searching for sustainable brands.”

  • “The Good Trade’s newsletter is a treasured and essential part of my daily routine! 💖 I cherish its inclusivity, diversity, and warmth.”

  • “Finally! A women’s media company that actually makes me feel good about myself. 💕 This is a lost art when you are constantly being told to look better, be better, buy more, and do more.”

  • “I love the highly curated content on sustainable and balanced living —every article is like getting recommendations from a trusted friend.💛”