Is Mejuri’s Fine Jewelry Just...Fine? Here’s Our Review

A Review of Mejuri’s Fine Jewelry, Where Luxury Actually Meets Affordability

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Outside of my engagement ring (which is technically white gold), every single piece of jewelry I wear is gold. Gold jewelry is the standard in Indian families, though as a teen, I found most pieces (like these) too gaudy or overwhelming to wear day-to-day. But in the last few years, minimalist gold jewelry has become a pervasive trend, one I can get on board with.

When I had a chance to try a few pieces from Mejuri—a Canadian “everyday fine jewelry” brand focused on direct-to-consumer pricing and high-quality materials—I was excited to know if it’d live up to the hype. If you’ve ever purchased jewelry online, you’ve probably gotten a targeted ad from the now-six-year-old company.

I decided to try the Large Hoops ($85), Diamonds Open Ring ($175) and Sapphire Choker ($65). In comparison to cheap costume jewelry and long-term investment pieces, Mejuri’s price points are in between; for context, SHEIN’s jewelry retails for $2 (how?) and high-end jewelers like Tiffany’s boast collections of $1,500+. Mejuri’s fine jewelry is a more affordable—and welcomed—sweet spot. A single stud costs $25, rings and hoops start at $50, and necklaces start at $65.

Mejuri’s fine jewelry is priced at a more affordable—and welcomed—sweet spot.

A note here: Keep in mind that it’s hard to tell quality gold from the fool’s—between fake gold, gold-plated, gold-filled, and solid gold. Mejuri’s pieces are often either solid gold or gold vermeil, meaning that gold is layered on to cover another metal (like sterling silver). Thicker than gold-plated, vermeil is more affordable than solid gold, but it is something to note if you’re looking for the real deal.

But like many other new-age sustainable brands, Mejuri cuts out the middleman by providing jewelry directly to customers, and the majority of its materials are sustainably mined or recycled. By the end of the year, Mejuri touts that 100 percent of its gold will be traceable, an impressive stat considering it’s one of the team’s most-used materials.

Now, on to what you really want to know! To start, for full transparency, I would not have been able to afford $325 on three pieces, especially without even knowing they’ll fit. To help ease that anxiety though, Mejuri offers free shipping and free 60-day returns, and readers in select cities across Canada, the US, and the UK can stop by one of its brick-and-mortar stores.

So, how did the jewelry fare?

The Sapphire Choker comes with a dainty white sapphire, and believe me when I say it is dainty—almost easy to miss! But I love it. I’ve been wearing it for over a month so far, and I can confidently say it hasn’t tarnished or shown signs of wear. (I do have friends whose Mejuri pieces have tarnished when put in drawers, though.) It’s been the perfect everyday or layering piece, easy to dress up or down. My only frustration is that the clasp is heavier than the stone, so the “back” ends up shifting to the front a lot. Not a deal-breaker, but a bit annoying.

The Diamonds Open Ring (14K solid gold with two baby diamonds) is exactly as described, and can be effortlessly paired with almost any other stacking ring. One note of caution: As what can happen with any open design, the ring has fallen off more than once (to my sheer panic) and can easily snag on clothes, knotted hair, or leashes (can you tell all three have happened to me?). But with care and a good fit, this gorgeous little piece will last.

I’ve been wearing it for over a month and I can confidently say it hasn’t tarnished or shown signs of wear.

Finally, the solid gold Large Hoops. Out of the three, these were my least favorite. When they arrived, I was surprised at how thin and pliable they were—clearly they meant “large” in size but not in thickness. I could easily pull the two ends in opposite directions, which made me nervous about its durability. 

Ultimately, I loved how they looked in my ears; they were delicate and feminine and just the right size. And I also actually liked how lightweight they were—until I didn’t. I wore them for days on end (even in the shower and to sleep) because I didn’t remember they were there, but eventually, an entire hoop fell out of my ear to my later surprise and sadness.

I’m sad to say one of the Large Hoops is now lost to the streets of Santa Barbara somewhere (though if you see it, please hit your girl up). In all seriousness, I would have been devastated if, after a month, half of an $85 earring set was gone. If you have a similar concern, I recommend the Tube Hoops instead (below on the right), which carries a bit more heft. Plus, they’re made with gold vermeil instead of solid gold, so they’re actually cheaper at $70!

All in all, I really enjoyed my experience with Mejuri. The price point is competitive without breaking the bank, the quality is clear for the majority of its pieces, and I like the team’s transparency around sustainability and tracing (though as always, I want MORE!). It’s also an easy one-stop shop for finding fashion-forward jewelry, whether for myself or a loved one; the thoughtful gift guides, easy returns policy, and ability to shop the Mejuri Insta makes the process as simple as possible.

The price point is competitive without breaking the bank, [and] the quality is clear for the majority of its pieces.

This jewelry may not end up lasting a lifetime, but it’ll definitely last for as long as trends do and beyond—and that’s all I can really ask for with my current budget and style.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mejuri’s price-point is perfect for those who want everyday staples like stud earrings, hoops, and minimalist necklaces.

  • Materials are responsibly sourced or recycled, and made to last—the pieces I’ve worn daily haven’t shown any signs of wear (though some pieces do when stored away).

  • Because the jewelry is quite “dainty”, keep in mind that they can fall off or go missing easily, like the Large Hoops I’ve now lost!

  • The quality, range, and transparency around the brand is truly exceptional—making it a top gift choice for my loved ones.


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