5 Online Couples Therapy Options For Affordable Counseling

Relationship & Marriage Counseling Is Perfectly Normal

Romantic comedies often paint relationships as easy—effortless, even. But the truth is that a commitment to someone isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it kind of thing. Relationships require maintenance, especially after the changes we all experienced in the past few years. 

Perhaps you’ve mastered the art of open and honest communication or your shared love languages with your partner. If so, congratulations—you’ve cracked the age-old code! If you’re finding it to be a particular challenge though, know that you’re not alone. Every partnership has annoyances, complications, and miscommunications—you’re each growing! And, whether it’s a big hurdle or a small hiccup, couples therapy can help you return to smoother sailing.

Online couples therapy, especially, can be a great option for people seeking accessible ways to improve their relationships.

Just remember: there is no shame in seeking help—and going to therapy together isn’t a sign of failure.

Whether you need mediation for discussions around parenting, emotional connection, or even if you’re looking to improve your sex life, there’s a therapist who can support you. (You can even find a professional to help transition you through a separation mindfully.) 

Just remember: There is no shame in seeking help—and going to therapy together isn’t a sign of failure. Below are five of our favorite options for finding relationship help online.

Be sure to also check out our list of affordable online therapy for individuals (because a relationship is only as healthy as the people who are in it!). If you are seeking a therapist with your shared experience, you can search for therapists via Inclusive Therapists and the National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network. Or, if you’d prefer to meet with a therapist in person or in a hybrid setting, here’s our go-to guide on finding the therapist right for you.

*Article updated August 2022

1. Regain 

Features | All therapists have a Masters Degree or a Doctoral Degree, options for anonymity
Best For | Quick counselor matching (& free counselor changes)
Pricing | $60–$90 per week

As part of the BetterHelp network (a top choice for individual online therapy), Regain was specifically created with couples in mind. Fill out a survey with your current relationship needs and get matched with a counselor in less than 24 hours. Your therapist will be licensed and certified, and has experience in relationship counseling—so you can navigate any chapter (whether it’s together on a joint account, or you’re doing some work on your own!).

Learn more about Regain

2. Talkspace

Features | Relationship, marriage, or premarital counseling, HIPAA compliant, SSR encryption, text messaging or video sessions
Best For | Messaging
Pricing | $69–$129 per week

Knowing where to start can be half the battle, and Talkspace’s couples therapy can help you identify the issues in your relationship. You can seek support for yourself as an individual, or work with your partner and an unbiased professional to open new paths of communication, restore trust, and find solutions that work for your relationship. Talkspace offers both video sessions and accessible messaging, so you can get support no matter what your schedule looks like.

Learn More About Talkspace

3. Couples Therapy Inc.

Features | Evidence-based retreats, courses, & intensive therapy sessions, multiple languages & countries served, in-person options
Best For | Coaching & sex therapy
Pricing | Starting at $150 per 55 minute session

Working with couples isn’t a niche service for Couples Therapy Inc—it’s the core focus of this team of Gottman-certified clinicians. After the founder herself experienced sub-par couples counseling, she devoted her practice to science-based coaching, therapy, and retreats (including online retreats). Couples Therapy Inc. offers services in the USA, Canada, Ireland, and Australia.

Learn more about Couples Therapy Inc.

4. Open Path

Features | Online & in-person services, nonprofit network 
Best For | Affordable therapy
Pricing | One-time $59 membership fee; starting at $30 per session based on financial need

While not exclusively online, Open Path is a nonprofit network of mental health professionals offering affordable psychotherapy options for low- and middle-income patients. You’ll find your next therapist through the search function (be sure to search for providers in the state in which you live). Open Path is excellent for people with financial limitations, charging only $30–$80 per session for couples after the one-time registration fee.

Learn more about Open Path Collective

5. Lasting

Features | iPhone & Android app, free trial, research-based sessions & courses, individual therapy options
Best For | Self-guided relationship counseling
Pricing | Starting at $11.99 per month

Lasting’s aim is simple: to “show everyone how to love better,” through its couples counseling app. While you won’t speak directly with a counselor, this app is designed by therapists for couples (and couples’ therapists!) to support a deeper, more communicative partnership. Use Lasting on its own and enjoy the workshops and courses on topics like repair, family culture, and sexual desire, or pair it with other virtual or in-person sessions for even greater accountability and long-term support.

Learn more about Lasting


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