10 Women's Health Podcasts To Inform And Empower You

Health Podcasts For Women’s Wellness

We're always seeking new information about how we can live healthy, well-balanced lives! That's why we've curated an up-to-date list of health & wellness podcasts, perfect for your daily commute and neighborhood walks.

Each of these health podcasts is unique in that expert hosts cover a variety of interesting and engaging topics, including mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, exercise, and more. We're convinced this list has something for everyone, so tune in and learn something new about your health!

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1. Women's Health Unplugged

Average Episode Length | 35 Minutes
Start with | Bloated? We care. Even if others don't.
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Women’s Health Unplugged podcast is on a mission to inform women about their health so we can feel empowered. Hosted by Dr. Jordan Robertson, a Naturopathic Doctor, each episode includes a wealth of knowledge from health experts—prepare to be educated about topics that are often overlooked in Western medicine.

Reviews | “My go to podcast for all things women’s health. Compelling relatable topics. Practical tips and actionable strategies. Well done. Keep them coming!” -Heidi Frost, Apple Podcast Review

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2. Body Stuff with Jen Gunter

Average Episode Length | 30 minutes
Start with | Do I Really Have A Food Allergy?
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Hosted by OB/GYN Jen Gunter, this podcast is the myth-busting source for all things health you’ve been waiting for, especially if you’ve ever found yourself googling your medical advice (we’ve all been there!). From topics like the merits of juice cleanses to breaking down verbiage used in wellness marketing (think “boost” and “detox”), this podcast parses the conventional wisdom from the biological facts, using evidence-based medicine to answer our questions.

Reviews | “I really have enjoyed the episodes and have learned a lot that I didn’t know. It’s amazing how much about my own body that I never learned in my health or biology classes. Can’t wait for the next season!” -Apple Podcast Review

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3. Feel Good Podcast

Average Episode Length | 45 minutes
Start With | How the Powerful Mind Body Spirit Connection Can Affect Our Health
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Spirituality, beauty, nutrition, and yoga are a few wellness topics covered on the highly-rated Feel Good Podcast. Hosted by New York Times best-selling author Kimberly Snyder, this podcast offers enlightening interviews from today’s top health and wellness experts. We especially love the Q&A Thursdays—weekly episodes where Snyder answers listener questions.

Reviews | "Kimberly, you have become an anchor when my anxiety feels crippling; your voice has become a soothing reminder that no matter what each day brings, ultimately everything will be okay, everything is okay, and more importantly I am okay." - Zhanna K, Apple Podcast Review

Listen To the Feel Good Podcast

4. Fertility Friday Radio

Average Episode Length | 50 Minutes
Start with | Mercier Therapy for Pelvic Pain and Infertility
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Hosted by Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, a Certified Fertility Awareness Educator, Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner, and author of The Fifth Vital Sign, this podcast is helping us to better understand our bodies and menstrual cycles. Listen for episodes on painful periods, infertility, regulating your cycle, PCOS, endometriosis, and more.

Reviews | "Currently starting from the beginning and binging all the way through - I wish I found this podcast years ago!! I feel like I’m learning so much and there hasn’t been an episode I don’t like. I like the mix of one-on-one client sessions and then interviews with experts. I think every woman should listen to this podcast to learn more about their cycles and fertility." -Apple Podcast Review

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5. Balanced Black Girl

Average Episode Length | 60 minutes
Start With | Healing Through Rest: Creating Balance for Your Nervous System
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Balanced Black Girl is creating a safe space for Black women to have honest conversations about self-care, self-love, and overall wellbeing. This podcast is hosted by personal trainer and nutritionist Lestraundra “Les” Alfred, and new episodes air weekly.

Reviews | "Balanced Black Girl has become a part of self care/ growth routine. Every time I listen my soul feels at ease and uplifted. Thank you Les, this space is amazing. Keep shining." -Lanaija D, Apple Podcast Review

Listen To Balanced Black Girl

6. Birthday Skin

Average Episode Length | 20–40 minutes
Start With | CBD: WTF?
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

A podcast solely about skincare? You got it. Broadcasting from Manchester, England, Birthday Skin is your next podcast addiction. Join hosts Amy Wall and Charlie Perry, proclaimed best mates, as they unveil truths, expose myths, and dive deep into conversations with experts about the body’s largest organ. Tune in weekly and follow the Instagram account for tips, tricks, and clean beauty product recommendations. 

Reviews | “I am obsessed with this podcast. Both helpful in the most confusing skincare time of the history of humans and hilarious. Worth the listen! But warning you will probably get hooked.” – iTunes Review

Listen To Birthday Skin

7. Pursuing Health

Average Episode Length | 60–90 minutes
Start With | Healthcare + Fitness for Indigenous Communities: Roger Boyer, PhD
Where To Tune InApple Podcasts, Spotify

Hosted by four-time CrossFit Games athlete and medical doctor Julie Foucher, Pursuing Health is teaching us about the correlation between intense fitness training and personal wellbeing. With interviews from top Crossfit competitors, as well as professional health experts, Foucher explains how physical fitness can support optimal health.

Reviews | "Dr. Julie and her knowledgeable guests dive deep into the cross section of CrossFit and healthy living, but it’s so much more than that! You’ll get heaps of inspiration from incredible individuals that know their stuff and really care about making a difference. It's a must-listen!" - Arlie K, Apple Podcast Review

Listen To Pursuing Health Health

8. Move Your DNA

Average Episode Length | 30–60 minutes
Start With | Sedentary Culture/Active Nature
Where To Tune In Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Are you aware that most of us spend the majority of our day sitting in a car, at a desk, or on the couch? Even the most athletic individuals spend the majority of the day in a sedentary state. You are how you move, and Move Your DNA is on a mission to get you up and active. Hosted by Katy Bowman, a biomechanist and best-selling author, this podcast teaches listeners about the importance of nutritious movement and how it impacts overall health. 

Reviews | "Each podcast [episode] is an amazing combination of practical steps toward moving more of you, lovely humor, and serious investigation into human biomechanics. The podcast is clear, high-quality, and inclusive of the listener." -Maria, Apple Podcast review

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9. As A Woman

Average Episode Length | 40 minutes
Start with | Emergency Contraception
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Fertility physician Dr. Natalie Crawford hosts this podcast on all things women’s health— from fertility to hormones, IVF to menstruation, and more! This is the perfect place to go when you are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by information, or having a hard time knowing who to trust. Listen to episodes to hear guest stories about their fertility journeys, or to hear Dr. Crawford debunk common related myths. 

Reviews | “I loooove this podcast! As a scientist, I really want to know everything I can about pregnancy as I get ready to ttc. I’ve learned a lot about fertility and the science explained in this podcast, which makes me feel more prepared for pregnancy and all it entails. I also like Dr. Natalie’s empathetic approach and how relatable she is. To me, one of the best podcasts in fertility!” - AndreaSMarques, Apple Podcast Review

Listen To As A Woman Podcast

10. TED Health

Average Episode Length | 10 Minutes
Start With | 3 ways to create a menopause-friendly work culture
Where To Tune In Apple Podcasts, Spotify

With short, concise, and inspiring speakers from all over the world, TED Health is a popular video and audio platform for learning more about your health. Past episodes cover informative topics such as cancer and Alzheimer’s prevention, mental health, sleep, and the link between racism and physical well-being. 

Reviews | “I love Ted talks. They are simply wonderful, interesting, informative and ADDICTIVE! So beware! :)” – iTunes Review

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