7 Top Reviewed Natural & Organic Tampon Brands

What's In Our Menstrual Products?

Hundreds of millions of people use menstrual products every month. Tampons, pads, and menstrual cups come into contact with one of the most sensitive and absorptive parts of our bodies—yet there is an alarming lack of regulation and transparency around production. Because the FDA classifies menstrual products as medical devices, there is currently no legal requirement for manufacturers to disclose ingredients.

That's why we're using (and advocating for) organic menstrual products. Not only are they better for our bodies, but they also have a positive ripple effect on the environment by preventing further pollution through pesticides and chlorine bleaching. We’ve found seven natural and organic tampon brands that are loved by reviewers worldwide. Our time of the month is already tolling, so let’s make it as comfortable and healthy as possible!

If tampons aren’t you’re thing, you can also head here for our guide to menstrual pads made with natural materials. Or, for reusable options, check out our guides to menstrual cups, cloth pads, and period underwear!


Natural & Organic | Yes
Assortment Available | Light, regular, super, super+
Applicator Options | BPA-free applicator, cardboard, applicator-free
Price | $9 for 18

Made by women, LOLA is revolutionizing the menstrual products industry. They use organic cotton without toxins or synthetic fibers in their pantyliners, tampons, and pads. Products are eco-friendly, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and they’re convenient: order online, and they’ll deliver straight to your door each month. LOLA also gives back, providing menstrual products to people with periods in homeless shelters across the US.

What customers are saying | “More absorbent than Kotex and Tampax”, “love that you can customize your box.”

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2. Cora

Natural & Organic | Yes
Assortment Available | Light, regular, super, super+
Applicator Options | Applicator or applicator-free
Price | $9–12 for 18

Discouraged by dirty cotton, Cora knew there was a better way to create high-quality products without harming our bodies or the planet. Every Cora product is GOTS-certified, made with organic cotton in Turkey, and ethically sourced by workers in Slovenia. For every new subscription, they donate a month's supply to girls in India. With applicator and applicator-free options, you can buy a one-time box or opt for monthly subscriptions—with a free signature kit to start. Known to be super absorbent, you’ll feel confident even on white-denim days.

What customers are saying | “Best part is that I can order in increments of 6”, “able to customize my mix of sizes.”

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Natural & Organic | Yes
Assortment Available | Regular & super
Applicator Options | BPA-free bio-plastic applicator
Price | $9.43 for 18

After months of experiencing BV, Bea Dixon was inspired by a dream to find a more natural remedy. Enter The Honey Pot: A plant-based menstrual line offering reusable menstrual cups, natural pads, and organic tampons. The tampon itself is made with organic cotton, inserted in a sugarcane bio-plastic applicator, and shipped in 100 percent recyclable packaging. We especially love the Duo-Packs offering nine of the regulars and supers at once to help go with the flow.

What customers are saying | “Won’t use anything else”, “bio applicator, all natural, and Black owned… what more could you want?”

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Natural & Organic | Yes
Assortment Available | Regular & super
Applicator Options | Plant-based plastic applicator
Price | $6.95 for 12

Sustain is on a mission to foster and encourage shame-free dialogue around periods and sex, one product at a time. In partnership with certified B Corp, Grove Collaborative, you can pick up regular or super tampons here made of GOTS Certified organic cotton and equipped with a bio-plastic applicator (made from renewable sources!). A portion of proceeds benefit women’s health organizations nationwide.

What customers are saying | “No cramps from the tampon”, “lasted longer [than] others on my heavy days as well”

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5. Veeda

Natural & Organic | Yes
Assortment Available | Light, regular, super, super+
Applicator Options | BPA-free plastic applicator or applicator-free
Price | $8.50–$9.97 for 16

Veeda has a crush on natural cotton and wants you to know all about it. Their hypoallergenic tampons come with BPA-free plastic applicators (applicator-free options available) and are sans any pesticides and chlorine. Reviewers say Veeda is most similar to Tampax, which is especially great for people who have an unpredictable flow. We like that you can stock up on up to 48 in a box at a time, so you’ll always be prepared.

What customers are saying | “Removal was completely pain-free”, “I’m sensitive but I didn’t have any side effects!”

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Natural & Organic | Yes
Assortment Available | Regular, super, super+
Applicator Options | Plastic applicator or applicator-free
Price | $6–$6.79 for 16

Organyc has a full line of menstrual hygiene products ranging from pads to nursing wipes for new moms. They offer applicator and applicator-free tampons, which customers claim are easy to insert and long-lasting. And if you’re curious about going organic in the first place, Organyc has a variety of resources about the benefits of sustainability and organic cotton. Chlorine-free and made for people with sensitive allergies, Organyc is our go-to if you are especially concerned about irritation. You can find Organyc at CVS and other personal care retailers.

What customers are saying | “Prices are extremely reasonable”, “feel good knowing I’m not putting more toxins in my body.”

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Natural & Organic | Yes
Assortment Available | Light, regular, super
Applicator Options | BPA-free plant-based plastic applicator or applicator free
Price | $5.89-$6.99 for 18

Globally sourced from organic cotton, Seventh Generation crafts organic tampons, chlorine-free pads, and pantyliners for every menstruator. With over 28 years of creating plant-based solutions, it’s no surprise that their line of hygiene items is known to be gentle, comfortable, and leak-free. Plus, the brand gives $0.43 (the average cost of the tampon tax) of every purchase to fighting period poverty. Find Seventh Generation organic tampons at Thrive or Target!

What customers are saying | “Same level of comfort without the toxins”, “absorbency more than I expected.”

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